What does DealCaring do ?

DealCaring is an innovative platform for finding financing and financial services. Among the services offered, you can find the following services:

  • Appearance on the platform

  • Matching

  • Access to Pitch-Decks

DealCaring offers you additional services assisted by AI modules. Among these services, you can find the following services:

  • Environmental Rating

  • Intellectual property Rating

  • Manager’s Rating

  • Valuation

  • Writing (Pitch-Decks, Memos)

  • Support (fundraising, legal)

  • Business Plans

  • Training

  • Syndication

Our fundraising takes place in two formats:

Crowdfunding with our partners

Private investment through our investor network

Depending on your needs, we can activate one, the other or both. You should know that by activating both means of financing, you will have twice as much chances to raise.



DealCaring offers its clients different types of ratings :

ESG/ 17 ODD Ratings : The company gets an overview of its environmental situation in order to send a positive signal to the investors.

Intellectual Property Rating : The company gets an overview of its profitability and whether or not it is necessary to have a patent.

Manager’s Rating : The company obtains a score on the ability to lead of his leader.


DealCaring offers its clients an automated company valuation based on our financial models. Through this service, you benefit from the expertise of our large network of advisors and investment bankers. 

If you are interested in our AI valuation service, let us know by clicking on the link below :


    Your are launching your first project and you do not know where and how to start ? DealCaring write the first version of your Pitch-Deck or Memo to present to investors.

    You are an investment banker and you seek to improve the Pitch-Decks and Memos of your client ? DealCaring does it for you.


      Fundraising support : By appealing to DealCaring’s services, you will benefit from the wide network of investment bankers and advisors of DealCaring. Therefore, the platform supports you in every step of your fundraising action.

      Legal support : Benefit from our network of lawyer and the expertise of our partner Lexinfine to support you in all the legal aspects of your business.


        DealCaring offers its clients an automated simulation of Business Plans according to your criteria based on our financial models. This module was implemented  by investment bankers and programmers jointly. 



          DealCaring offers it clients various trainings in Finance, CSR and Entrepreneurship in order to help project promoters to start their business.

          DealCaring also offers to its clients an access to Moocflix, the first digital professional training centre adapted to lawyers, chartered accountants, notaries and business buyers.


          CrowdFunding allows you to obtain financing from individuals while private investment allows you to obtain financing from professional investors.

          The investor does not take any percentage since he is investing in the company. On the other hand, the platform will take a success fee from 5 to 10% if we manage to make you raise funds.

          We support projects of all sizes in the following sectors: Aeronautics, Industry, Health, TMT, Energy and Safety.

          We have no criteria in the choice of files since the objective of DealCaring is to find you an investor corresponding to your project. Thus, these criteria will depend solely on the investors and their sensitivities to your project.

          If you have any question, you can contact an analyst from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM

          5 rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris

          Phone number : (+33) 6 51 43 81 87


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